Investing in the Future

Colonial Press has purchased and installed a new Goss Sunday 3000 press. The press is widely regarded as the standard for high-volume printing delivering the competitive advantages of high speeds on wide webs with premium print quality.

The press has tripled the press manufacturing output of the facility and provides our customers major production efficiencies, reducing their costs and improving time-to-market. Designed as a commercial press it was customized with many unique features.

Precise registration and color control

5th Unit for spot colors or coatings

Fully automated make-ready

Up to 75 inch web width

Full inline trimming and spine pasting

Efficient production on a wide range of substrates

Two high speed folders producing digest, slim jim, magazine and tabloid formats

Commercial print products, Free Standing Inserts, Publications, Direct Mail

Fully Automated Robotic Post Press Operation
Let the experts at Colonial Press show you how the Sunday 3000 can reduce your printing costs, increase your flexibility and reduce your time to market.